Friday, October 12, 2012

Gigi's at it again.

Sometimes, things in your life are going so well that you don't even have anything to make fun of yourself err I mean blog, about.

Life's been pretty awesome lately. The weather in New York has turned that perfect fall-crisp where a light leather jacket (my all time fave) and a cute sweater have you set from morning til night. It's cold enough out where you want to cozy up inside with hot tea and cider, but not so cold that you curse yourself for your choice of living in the Northeast, ah fall bliss.

I've had a few college visitors over the last few weeks, another one this weekend and one in a few weeks. It's so nice to catch up with friends, show them my city and reminisce on times when class and homework assignments actually mattered #workinglifeisthebest.

All is quiet on the homefront- oh except the radiators. In New York, unlike many other civilized cities across the continental US, in most apartment buildings tenants have no control over the heat. When the temperature drops below 50, the boiler revs up and heat begins pumping from the creatures in the walls- also known as radiators. Often times these creatures are not in good condition and result in clinking, clanking, screeching, steam pouring and banging- all in the name of a little heat. We had quite the experience with our radiators in the old apartment, so why should this one be any different? We were hopeful- but unfortunately, out of luck. When these bad boys turned on for the first time last weekend we got the whole 9 yards, steam, screeching, banging, clanging and most of all insane temperatures that we were unable to lower. We immediately placed a call to our landlord, then the management company and finally to a plumber who we scheduled to come this morning between 8:30-9. You all know how this story ends, "we'll be there in 15 minutes" and then 15 minutes turns into 30, 30 turns into 45 and before you know it you're offering the plumbers lunch (only kidding). Around 11:15 they finally showed up only to inform us that all of our radiators are leaking (we have 5- what are the odds) and they all need to be replaced at the low cost of $575.03 if we wanted to have them running. Yea, I'll get right on that. In the name of bank account preservation we opted to shut all off but one, and hope that fuzzy socks come back in style. Down parka, party of one.

So, you all remember that guy I told you about a few months ago? The one I went out of my comfort zone for and then swore up and down was the worst decision I'd ever made. Well folks, he's back, and this time- in a big way. I can't exactly trace the evolution of this development but basically it went a little something like this: blog was posted, he was flattered, I was sad, I didn't give a shit, guy started to give a shit, we started talking, we became friends, we started hanging out as friends, then we started hanging out as friendsandmaybemore, then as definitely more but shhh let's not acknowledge it, then we were basically dating but wouldn't admit we were dating, and finally we admitted it and now we're actually, truthfully,  totally, legitimately dating. Like aww you're my boyfriend and I'm your girlfriend, let's meet each others parents, make holiday plans and miss each other when we're not together- dating. Talk about a 180. Who knows how this happened, my friends say it was unexpected, he says it wasn't unexpected, I say I have no idea what it was but I'm the luckiest girl in New York.

For all the bashing I did in my last post, I will do double if not triple the praising in this one. This guy has truly swept me off my feet. Not in the "oh lets go for a carriage ride in the park" sense (ew) but in a way that's so much better. He's everything I thought never existed and makes me feel the way people tell you you'll never get to feel. He's funny, kind, smart, caring, beyond cute and best of all? He's crazy about me (but don't tell him I told you, he likes to play coy). We're both the opposite of what we ever thought we'd date (probably better, right?) and I have to pinch myself everyday to make sure it's real- I can assure you, it is. He's my best friend and he brings out the best in me (my dad even told him that the first time they met, uh dad, hello- way to play it close to the vest!). He challenges me in ways I never knew possible and his silliness is one of a kind (if asked I'd swear it annoys me, but it secretly makes me happy). Who knew a few short weeks ago where this journey would lead- I certainly didnt- but maybe that's the best part!

Surprised? Me too. Think I'm joking? I'm not. Wish you were me? Don't. Ok maybe you can, but just this once.

P.S. For those of you wondering about the Gigi reference- think "He's Just Not That Into You". Boyfriend (ahh it's still so weird to use that word) has called me Gigi since basically our first date since i'm so-over-the-top-emotional and won't-settle-for-less, pshh whatever Gigi is the best.

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